– Farmers demand payment for their maize in Luano District

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Farmers demand payment for their maize in Luano District

Luano, October 9th, 2014, ZANIS —- Farmers in Chikupili Chiefdom of Luano District are worried that they will not be able to service loans they got from lending institutions due to non-payment of their dues by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).


Speaking in an interview on the sidelines of the farmers’ market day in Luano District , today, Munda Cooperatives Society Chairperson, Belden Chiimbwe called  on the FRA to immediate paythe farmers for their the maize supplied to the institution.


Chiimbwe further said that farmers in the area still had a lot of maize in their custody and wondered where to sell it, as the FRA has since stopped buying the grain.


He hoped that the farmers would find market for the excess maize they still had before the on-set of the rains, as storage facilities were not secure and the grain may go to waste.


But Luano District Marketing and Development Officer, Evelyn Mwamba appealed to the farmers to remain calm as Government, through the FRA was doing everything possible to expedite the payment of money owed to them.


Mrs. Mwamba assured the farmers that the problem was not unique to Luano, as the entire Country was facing similar challenges.