— Opposition leader Tilyenji urged to resign

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Opposition leader Tilyenji urged to resign

Luangwa, Oct., 9, 2014 , ZANIS  —- The  opposition United National Independence party  ( UNIP ) in Luangwa District is calling for the immediate resignation of its leader Tilyenji Kaunda for allegedly failing to lead the Party.

The Luangwa District UNIP Chairman, Olden Tembo says that both the District and Constituency executives and the entire party’s general members in the area have resolved to that Mr. Kaunda resigns with immediate effect as party president.


Mr. Tembo said the entire opposition party’s leadership and general membership were urging their leader to resign after he allegedly failed to lead the party.


He  said the current UNIP President was a letdown who does not give hope to members of party performing well in the 2016 general elections.


He said that the general membership in the District have not seen positive step by their president as he is rarely seen or heard discussing national issues.

The District Secretary, Mr. Tembo added that Tilyenji Kaunda had failed as he does not give hope of the party bouncing back into power.


He said UNIP has been surviving without a president because Tilyenji Kaunda has not been seen visiting party structures to encourage and strengthen them.