Chisamba children die in a house inferno

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Chisamba children die in a house inferno

Chisamba, Oct 7/14, ZANIS———-Two children of the same family in Kapini village in Chisamba district have died after the house they were sleeping in caught fire and damaged property worth K3, 500.

Iron and Prudence Kasonde, aged four and seven respectively, died   after their grass-thatched house went into flames.

According to father of the deceased, Davis Kasonde, the house was set ablaze by a known person.

But police investigations   have revealed that the house caught fire due to negligence by the parents who left a brazier in the house.

A pair of jean trousers which were hanged above fell on the brazier and caught fire while the family was sleeping.

The mother of the children survived the fire as she was rescued.

Chisamba District Commissioner, Ferdinand Chipindi, confirmed the incident and expressed sadness at the death of the two children.

Mr Chipindi urged families using braziers to be  more careful and ensure that they put off all the fire before going to bed.