Lions club trains youths in Eastern Province

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–The Lions Club International 413 Zambia has embarked on a comprehensive positive youth development programme with intent to impart knowledge for them to grow into responsible citizens.

Vice District Governor, Daniel Zyambo, stated that the programme called ‘Lions Quest for adolescence’ is aimed at providing an opportunity for young people to learn essential skills needed to lead healthy lives.

Lion Zyambo was speaking at the closure of a three-day Lions Quest for adolescent positive living workshop at Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) Madzimoyo Resource Centre in Chipata over the weekend.

He said 22 teachers from six schools in Eastern Province have been imparted with the skills which will be taught to children.

He further noted that the Lions Club was interested in strengthening young people’s commitment to their families by being positive peers in their schools and communities while exhibiting good practices of good citizenship through cooperation and service.

Lion Zyambo said to ensure that this programme becomes a success the Lion International Club is looking forward to teachers that have been trained to implement the programme and train youths for its continuation.

He stated that there is need for concerted efforts to impart skills which will be of benefit to adolescence so that they become responsible future leaders who will be appreciated because of the
roles they will play in society.

And Lions Club International District Committee Chairperson, Jessica Choobe, said the Club is a service provider that will always do a service and will continue to do so to communities.

Lion Choobe stated the lions do not give out any funds but provide a service to the people as volunteers.

She stated that innovations of how the programme can continue are always appreciated because improvement of people’s lives is depended on concerted efforts of citizens.

And RCZ Education Board Secretary, Joshua Jere, stated that this is an obligation from the teachers that have been trained, saying society requires teachers who will ensure that the children are given the knowledge that will make them grow into better citizens of the country.

Mr Jere said that it is not easy where the world has become a global village where children are born in the computer days such that to most of them, whatever is seen in the media is seen to be the truth.

He stated that as teachers implement what has been imparted to them, it will help children make informed decisions based on good morals.

He expressed happiness that the Lions Club International had to pick on schools run by RCZ to educate the teachers on the need to help youths acquire citizenship skills within a safe, caring and consistence environment.

The participants were drawn from RCZ schools from Katete, Chipata, Chadiza, Nyimba and Mabwe districts.