Kalabo District Hospital runs out of food

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Kalabo District Hospital runs out of food


Kalabo, Oct 6/14 ZANIS——-Kalabo District Hospital (KDH) has been hit by a critical food shortage for several days.


Relatives of patients are forced to supply foodstuffs while other patients have been going without eating any food.


Both Kalabo District Commissioner, Masela Chinyama and District Medical Officer, Arthur Mutuna, confirmed the development to ZANIS today.


Dr Mutuna disclosed that the shortage of foodstuffs at the hospital was as a result of the health institution not receiving funding.


He said the last funding the hospital received was in July this year and the institution was still waiting for the Ministry of Health to fund the hospital.


To this effect, Kalabo Central Member of Parliament, Chiinga Miyutu, this morning donated 20 by 25 bags of breakfast mealie meal, sugar and salt to the hospital in his personal capacity.


Mr Miyutu described the shortage of food at the health institution as unfortunate and saddening, adding that it was against this reason that he decided to make the donation as a way of alleviating the prevailing hunger situation at the hospital.


And receiving the donation, Dr Mutuna thanked Mr Miyutu for the gesture and said the donated food was enough to last for a month.