Zambians urged to guard peace jealously

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––Government has called on Zambians to guard against schemes aimed at disrupting the peace that the country has enjoyed since independence.


Central Province Minister, Obvious Mwalitata, observed that God has continued to favour Zambia in its endeavour to preserve the peace amongst its people and in the region, stating that any attempt to disrupt the peace should be disregarded and condemned.


Mr Mwaliteta said this in a speech read for him by Central Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ronald Sinyangwe, at the Kapiri Mposhi District Golden Jubilee Fundraising Dinner Dance over the weekend.


The Provincial Minister noted that Zambia’s continual enjoyment of harmony for the all the 50 years of independence was not a mean achievement but has been earned by the unity that Zambians have promoted amongst themselves.


“Just across our borders, our neighbours are maiming and killing one another. This is the opposite in our case… We have fundamentally enjoyed peace due to God’s favour and the love for one another,” he said.


Mr Mwaliteta said due to the long existing peace in Zambia, the country has experienced steady growth in its socio-political and economic spheres.


He said the Patriotic Front (PF) government will endeavor to take advantage of the harmony currently existing in the country to improve the living standards of its people.


“The PF Government is working to uplift the living standard of people. This can be witnessed through the creation of new districts in the country which will enable decentralization of public service provision to the people,” Mr Mwaliteta said.


The theme for Zambia’s Golden Jubilee is “Commemorating Gods’ Favour of Zambia’s Independence for Continued Peace, Unity, Democracy, Patriotism and Prosperity’’.


And Kapiri Mposhi District Golden Jubilee Committee Deputy Chairperson, Dorothy Mambwe, said her committee has embarked on various activities to fundraise for the Golden Jubilee commemoration.


Ms Mambwe challenged the local business community and residents to contribute towards the hosting of the occasion.