‘I’m divorcing him, has no respect, infected me with STDs, spends nights in clubs

Divorce Court

LACK of respect and failure to consummate a marriage led a Lusaka woman of Ngombe Township to seek divorce in the Chelstone local court.
Yvonne Siteta, 23, told senior court magistrate Bertha Zulu that her husband, John Mbulo, 28 is fond of insulting her in public and they have been on separation for almost a year.
“This man has no respect for me; he insults me in public and does not even buy groceries at home. He has infected me with sexual transmitted diseases (STDs).  On top of that, he does not return home whenever he gets paid.  He spends nights in clubs.
“When I got pregnant in 2010, we started living together but when my parents followed up the matter, he paid only K50 as commitment fee and has never paid anything towards the K4, 500 he was charged,”Siteta said.
She said whenever I questioned Mbulo about his behaviour, he beat me up. “Our three years of marriage could only be described as hell. We do not even have a bed or mattress, we sleep on a mat.”
And Mbulo said he beats up Siteta because she likes frequenting night clubs. “Even if we met in the night club does not give her permission to frequent clubs with my children. I suspect she has even started smoking.”
He said whenever Siteta was at a club; she was usually in the company of men, which angered Mbulo.
Mbulo said, “I do not want to divorce her, I want to raise our children together. All I am asking from Siteta is to reduce on her alcohol intake.”
Passing judgement, Magistrate Zulu dismissed the claim noting that no bride price was paid. The court, however, advised Siteta to sue Mbulo for child maintenance.


Zambia Daily Mail