Elephant kills village scout

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A Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) village scout was on Friday last week killed by an elephant in Mfuwe district.

The officer, identified as Lameck Chisangu aged 34, died after being attacked by an elephant in Mboola village in Lupande Game Management Area (GMA).

The incident happened after Mr. Chisangu attempted to assist villagers who wanted to scare away strayed elephants in the village but was in the process attacked by one of the beasts.

ZAWA Communications and Public Relations Officer Readith Muliyunda, who confirmed the incident in a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today, said the deceased has left behind a wife and four children.

Ms. Muliyunda however said ZAWA has managed to control one of the elephants although it is not clear how many elephants were there at the time of the incidence.

Meanwhile, Ms. Muliyunda said two lions have been reported to have strayed into the Mosi-Oa-Tunya national park in Livingstone

Ms. Muliyunda said the lions are suspected to have either come from across the borders with neighboring Zimbabwe or from the Kafue national park.

She said ZAWA officers are on the ground trying to locate the exact location of the two lions.

She has since cautioned members of the public entering the park to ensure that they are escorted by Wildlife police officers.


  1. Lions strayed into the National Park? Now, that’s a funny one. And where exactly are they supposed to live? In the city?