— Ravaging Hippo unsettles Villagers in Chavuma

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Ravaging Hippo unsettles Villagers in Chavuma


Chavuma,October 02 nd , 2014, ZANIS —-  A group of villagers this morning stormed Chavuma District Commissioner’s Office to request the Zambia wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to quickly address the threats of lives in Chisengo village and surrounding areas.



The villagers’ actions were prompted after a paddler narrowly escaped death when the hippo charged at him and damaged the canoe he was using to cross the Zambezi.



The victim dodged the hippo when it charged fiercely towards him before he swam to his safety.


Speaking on behalf of the affected villagers, Thomas Makai said the mammal had continued to pose as a threat to people and their crops in the area.



Mr. Makai said pupils especially in examination classes and the sick seeking medical services from Chiyeke clinic were now be greatly affected as the only canoe that operated at Chisengo ferry point had been destroyed by the hippo.



He complained that the community has suffered for a long time urging ZAWA to attend to their request as soon as possible to avoid any loss of life.



And Chavuma District Administration Officer Kennedy Pezo said efforts are being made to alleviate the challenges people in Chisengo area are facing.



Mr. Pezo assured the villagers that a request has been sent to relevant authorities to source a boat that would be placed at Chisengo ferry point.