— Chavuma Mission Hospital requires surgeon

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Chavuma Mission Hospital requires surgeon



Chavuma, October 02 nd, 2014, ZANIS —- Chavuma Mission Hospital in Northwestern Province is in dire need of surgeon it has been learnt.


The development is making it difficult for the health institution in the area to attend to critical cases requiring specialized treatment.



ZANIS reports that  Chavuma Mission Hospital Sister- In- Charge Tamaki Monobe during a maternal death review meeting held at Green Season Guest House in Chavuma District , today.


Sr. Monobe says her health facility is finding it difficult to attend to expectant mothers who need to undergo an operation.



She added that specialist cases were being referred to Zambezi District Hospital which is about 83 kilometers from Chavuma.



Sr. Tamako also said that the hospital has no clinical care officer and is running without an ambulance as the only vehicle at the facility has broken down.



The hospital is relaying on the ambulance that is stationed at Chiyeke Clinic.



Meanwhile, Chiyeke clinic is facing challenges when attending to pregnant women during deliveries because the health center has only one bed space for admission.