husband kills pregnant wife

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A 30-YEAR-OLD pregnant woman of Kapunda village in Chief Mphande’s area in Mbala has been hacked to death by her husband in yet another case of domestic violence, Northern Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga has confirmed.
And a 21-year-old man of John Laing in Lusaka has drowned in a swimming pool at Andrews Motel during a drinking spree.
Ms Katanga said Betty Nawila was brutally murdered on Saturday around 23:00 hours by her husband Webby Sichula, 39, a traditional healer.
“Sichula, who is now on the run, hacked Ms Nawila with an axe and when we visited the scene, we found her body lying in a pool of blood,” Ms Katanga said.
She said Ms Nawila sustained two deep cuts in the head and the body is in Mbala General Hospital mortuary.
Ms Katanga said the couple’s 12-year-old son heard his parents quarrelling in their bedroom soon after supper.
She said the boy rushed to his parents’ bedroom when he heard Ms Nawila screaming for help and he found her in a pool of blood.
Sichula’s brother, John Sichula, 36, reported the matter to the police.
Ms Katanga said police also found a kettle containing marijuana after inspecting the crime scene.
Meanwhile, a man identified as Chisanga Chama drowned at Andrews Motel in Lusaka during a drinking spree, Lusaka Province commissioner of police Lemmy Kajoba has said.
“A young man died at a swimming pool at a motel around 14:40 hours on Sunday. He had gone to the motel to have fun but then decided to swim under the influence of alcohol,” Mr Kajoba said.
He said Mr Chama failed to swim and drowned.
The body is in the University Teaching Hospital mortuary.


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