Chinsali residents advised to treasure peace of the nation

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—A senior government official has described peace as a rare commodity which is expensive to attain and advised Zambians to treasure it.

Youth and Sport Deputy Minister, Christopher Mulenga, said this during the Golden Jubilee Dinner Dance held over the weekend in Chinsali district of Muchinga Province ahead of the Independence Day celebrations which fall on 24th October. 

Mr Mulenga, who is also Chinsali Member of parliament (MP), said Zambians should not take the peace they have been enjoying for the past 50 years for granted but give thanks to God.

He said Muchinga province played a vital role in fighting the colonial masters through what was popularly known as Chachacha Campaign.

Mr Mulenga added that the Chacha Campaign, which was unique for Muchinga Province, actually reminds of the great sacrifice the forefathers made towards Zambian’s liberation.

The Deputy Minister charged that the country’s independence was gotten at a great cost hence the need to guard the peace jealously.

He said the Golden Jubilee Dinner dance accorded an opportunity to reflect as whether Zambians are preserving the rich legacy and heritage inherited from the great patriarchs.

Mr Mulenga further challenged the youths to get economic independence as political independence was attained by the forefathers a long time ago.