Choma residents advised to dig refuse pits

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——-Choma Municipal Council has called on people without access to garbage collection services to dig rubbish pits where to throw their waste instead of just dumping them anywhere.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) Ramona Phiri explained that the council only has one truck meant for garbage collection and it has been faulty hence affecting collection of garbage.

Some Choma residents complained that garbage has been left uncollected in the town centre where a skip bin has been over flowing with rubbish.

The PRO was speaking to ZANIS in an interview today after an on-the-sport check in town revealed that the garbage has since been cleared.

Ms Phiri explained that since the council only has one light truck for garbage collection in selected areas of the town such as Macha, Shampande, and Makalaguzu, people need to make alternatives like digging pits where to dump their garbage.

She said throwing litter in public affects everyone and that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep Choma clean by throwing garbage in its rightful places.

She disclosed that the council will in the near future have plans of engaging a private company to help the in servicing areas that the local authority does not reach in teams of garbage collection.