More honey expected this harvest season

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—-The Bee Keeping Association in Lukulu district is expecting a bumper harvest of honey this year as compared to last year.

Lukulu District Bee Keeping Chairperson, Boniface Kabotana, attributed this development to normal rainfall activities in the last rainy season.

Mr Kabotana said floods have a negative impact on bee keeping but the last rainy season was favourable.

He told ZANIS in Lukulu that bee keeping is slowly becoming appreciated in the area and called for more investment in honey for the betterment of the people and the farmers.

He said honey can be used for medication and for consumption as well as for brewing beer which is mostly used in the area.

Mr Kabotana has since called on women to join bee keeping farming, saying it is as good as farming under agriculture.

Since the formation in 1984, the association now has over million active members.