Govt cautions Mpongwe residents to be wary of Ebola

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——Government has urged rural dwellers in Mpongwe to be cautious of foreigners trekking into the district amidst reports of the Ebola virus in neighbouring countries.

Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister, Gabriel Namulambe, says villagers should be cautious of all the people that they are receiving as a way of preventing communicable diseases such as the Ebola virus.

In an interview with ZANIS in Mpongwe, Mr Namulambe further urged villagers to report all suspected illegal immigrants to law enforcement agencies.

“For now, you should report all suspected illegal immigrants to the law enforcement agencies as it is also dangerous to keep illegal immigrants,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Namulambe directed Mpongwe District Commissioner, George Nsali, to institute an emergency committee aimed at curbing any possible outbreak of the Ebola virus in the district.

Mr Namulambe, who is also Mpongwe Central Constituency Member of Parliament, urged the district medical office to work hand in hand with law enforcement agencies in screening suspected illegal immigrants for the Ebola virus.

“Let them work hand in hand with the law enforcement agencies to be wary of the people coming in for now. I would like to request the DC to set up an emergency committee to handle such situations and let them be alert,” he said.