Facebook posting jeopardises Lusaka marriage

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

LATELY, stories have been making rounds on how facebook has been responsible for breaking up marriages.
This was one of the highlights of marital woes a woman lamented about when she told the Matero local court that she came to understand her husband’s ‘bad boy’ behavior after discovering a picture on his facebook profile with his lover.
Moody Kapuka 25 was testifying before Justices Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyeye in a case where she dragged her husband Geoffrey Tembo 27 to court for marriage reconciliation.
Kapuka said when Tembo started coming home late, she sought to investigate why.
“When I went to his facebook page, I first saw a picture of a woman’s nose and mouth,” she said.
She said after they got married in 2005, they had no peace in their home adding that whenever he went for work, he would not come home on time.
And when she would phone him to check on him, Kapuka said a woman always answered.
A teary-eyed Kapuka said Tembo became so violent that he stabbed her.
Thereafter, she said, Tembo stopped sleeping at home although he would only go there to wash his face.
She also said Tembo later told her to go back to her family to undergo marital counselling but when she went there; he stopped giving her child support.
When she called him about it, a woman answered his phone to her dismay.
“I rang him again and he told me he wasn’t going to support the children unless forced by the court.
He told me he has a wife and that I shouldn’t bother calling him,” she said.
Kapuka said when she checked his facebook profile again to investigate his actions towards her; she found out that he posted a picture of himself and his lover swigging.
She also said she saw another picture on the screen of his phone where he had carried the same woman on his back.
But despite what Kapuka alleges she has endured, she still wants Tembo back.
And in his statement, Tembo said his marriage has problems because their two families do not get along adding that he has never even spoken with his father in-law before.
Tembo said he was surprised with Kapuka’s parents’ behaviour that they did not bother to see her after he called to tell them she had a mental problem which required that she be tied in chains.
He said problems in their marriage began when Kapuka told him the two children they have are not his.
Tembo also said he still loves Kapuka and would want her back home.
Passing judgment, Magistrate Mumba reconciled the couple and advised them to see him for counseling.
He advised parents from both sides to unite and help the couple resolve their problems.


Zambia Daily Mail