67 more Ethiopian illegal immigrants nabbed

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About 67 more illegal immigrants of Ethiopian origin have been arrested by Immigration Officers in Kapiri Mposhi district after they attempted to enter Zambia without valid documents.



The illegal immigrants were arrested on Saturday at around 19:00 hours aboard a containerized goods truck at the newly installed Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Customs Enforcement Scanner check point which is scheduled to be launched in Kapiri Mposhi today.


This brings to 115 the total number of illegal immigrants of Ethiopian origin arrested under seven days in the district.


Last week a combined team of Immigration and police officers in the district arrested 48 illegal immigrants in similar circumstances.


ZRA Cooperate Communications Manager, Mumbuna Kufekisa confirmed the development to ZANIS saying the immigrants were   discovered hiding in a containerised trailer of a truck en route from Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania.


Mr Mumbuna said the driver of the vehicle registration number T 462 AHY who bolted and abandoned the truck during the incident.


The driver of the lorry declared that the vehicle was carrying groceries when in fact not.


 “As you know we are launching the scanner at Kapiri Mposhi on Monday so on Saturday last week we were testing it and this led to the arrest of 67 Ethiopian Illegal immigrants who were being transported in a containerised goods truck,” Mr Mumbuna said.


“The driver lied to the ZRA officers that the truck was carrying goods but after we scanned the vehicle we discovered human beings packed in the containers of the truck,” Mr. Mumbuna said.


Mr Mumbuna said the ZRA has put up a scanner at Kapiri Mposhi in order to curb illegal trade and undervaluing of goods entering the country.


He said the authority is committed to seeing to it that government collects all revenue entitled to it.


The immigrants have since been detained at Mpima Prison in Kabwe awaiting court appearance and possible deportation to their country of origin.