Nagbwe chief demands constituency

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Nagbwe chief demands constituency

Kapiri Mposhi, 15 September, 2014, ZANIS – Chief Mukubwe of the Lamba speaking people in Ngabwe district has called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to create a constituency in the area.

 Chief Mukubwe observed that people of Ngabwe district needed to have their own area Member of Parliament (MP) since the area was no longer part of Kapiri Mposhi district.

Ngabwe was created out of Kapiri Mposhi District through President Michael Sata’s directive last year.

Speaking through his representative, Tapson Mwilingula, during the ECZ delimitation exercise for wards and polling stations over the weekend ,chief Mukubwe noted that the creation of a constituency will enhance political representation and foster development in the area.

Meanwhile, Chief Mukubwe has commended the ECZ for creating more wards and polling stations in the newly created district.

The ECZ has approved the creation of five more wards to add to the existing two in the district.

The Commission has also created three more polling stations in the district to minimize the distances that electorates in the area cover during elections and voter registration processes.

Meanwhile, Ngabwe District Electoral Officer Mpande Hamwende said the ECZ has proposed to increase the number of constituencies from the current 150 to 235.

However, Mr. Hamwende who is also Kapiri Mposhi District Council Secretary said the creation of new constituencies can only be done after the amendment of Article 66 of the Zambian Constitution which provides for only 150 constituencies.

“the ECZ has proposed for an increment in the number of constituencies since the creation of 29 more districts bringing the total to 103 from 74 districts resulting in the revision of constituency and ward boundaries.. but this can be only done if we amend the constitution,” Mr. Hamwende said.

The ECZ is carrying out the delimitation exercise to review the existing Wards and Polling district boundaries throughout the country.

The Delimitation exercise which has been necessitated by long distances that voters cover during elections and population increase is aimed at creating new wards and polling stations to enhance meaningful representation of people and delivering of electoral services in respective constituencies.