Lands tribunal assures quick complaints disposal

clearing land
clearing land
Registrar of lands tribunal has appealed to Zambians with land disputes to lodge their complaints stating their complaints will be cleared within a shortest period of time.

Registrar of tribunal Diana Sichone has told QFM News in an interview that the lands tribunal is open to any citizen and that people should begin to open up on land issues than wait for the courts to clear them.

Mrs. Sichone explains that the land tribunal has the same powers like the high court hence the need for citizens to utilize the tribunal and have their land issues resolved within months.

She adds that the advantage of reporting cases to the land tribunal is that cases are cleared faster than courts were people will have to wait for the court process and judgment that may take years.

She has since called on all citizens to reports any matters of land to her office without any delay

( Monday 15th September 2014 )

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