Advantages of Playing Kids Soccer

Zambia kids playing soccer
Zambia kids playing soccer

Advantages of Playing Kids Soccer

By:  Jake Hyet

Soccer is a wonderful sport for children to get involved with.  It helps them develop agility, makes them fast, and increases their stamina.  Probably the most important thing it does, however, is teaches them the importance of teamwork.  So kids soccer can play an important role in the physical and social development of your child.  Here is a list of some of the reasons why it’s good for your child both physically and mentally to play soccer:

Improves Fitness

It’s practically a requirement for soccer players to be physically fit and pretty limber too.  You can see that if you watch the Galaxy Soccer players in action.  When your child plays soccer there’s bound to be plenty of running around, along with dribbling and shooting.  This develops physical fitness and endurance, and also improves coordination.  There are also other health advantages to playing soccer such as stronger bones and muscles, less risk of developing type 2 diabetes and a lower chance of becoming overweight.  It’s also good for the heart and lungs too.  Bet you never thought of all that when you were weighing the benefits of your child playing soccer.

Improves Social Skills

Kids soccer can also help a child develop those social skills they all need, such as  the ability to interact with other children of various ages.  The ability to control their emotions and not get angry or upset when things don’t go their way.  Communication.  A team where the players can’t communicate with each other isn’t going to win very many games.  And the value of teamwork.  A game is not about one person scoring all the goals or getting to show off their talents, it’s about the whole team.  Everyone has to work at it and everyone deserves the credit or blame if a game is won or lost.  Galaxy Soccer players know that.  It’s how they got to be where they’re at.

Also, playing soccer and achieving small victories every day as they learn new skills and make new friends, will do wonders for a child’s self-confidence.  That’s even more important than the physical benefits derived from playing the game.

Improves Self-Image

As stated above, playing soccer can boost a child’s self-confidence.  Unlike other sports such as baseball, in which players are required to bat or field a ball on their own, soccer is truly a team sport.  It focuses on the success or failure of the whole team, rather than the success or failure of individual players.  This makes for much less pressure being placed on thechildren.  While there’s competition against the opposing team, there’s less competition between the individual players of the team as a whole.  That’s a good method of teaching children how to work as members of a team.  The way it should be done with the whole team cooperating with each other.

Biography:  Jake Hyet is an expert in Kids galaxy soccer Brisbane, and Galaxy Soccer Brisbane, having played the game himself for several years and then covered it as a sports reporter living in Australia.


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