Kabimba’s dismissal is not a guarantee to have a new constitution – EFZ

kambwili kabimba
kambwili kabimba
The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) says feeling by the people of Zambia that the removal of Winter Kabimba as Justice Minister will pave way for the release of the final draft constitution is a mere assumption.

EFZ Executive Director Pukuta Mwanza says if it is the PF%u2019s position that the constitution should not be released any time soon, it does not matter who becomes Minister of Justice.

Reverend Mwanza says Mr. Kabimba alone would not have acted in such a manner that has delayed the constitution making process.

He says Cabinet would have come in if it was the former Justice Minister alone who was responsible for the stalled constitution making process.

Reverend Mwanza adds that it still remains to be understood whether the Patriotic Front as a party is moving as one body in as far as the constitution making process is concerned.

Reverend Mwanza has since advised those with high hopes that the constitution will now be released with the appointment of a new Minister of Justice to wait until the constitution is released before they can start rejoicing.

( Saturday 13th September 2014 )