Lusaka man goes naked looking for wife, finds niece

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

AFTER being sexually starved by his wife, a Lusaka man in the hope of seducing his wife, sneaked into their bedroom naked only to be met by his wife’s niece.
The couple did not share the same bedroom.
Sydney Mambwe told the Chelstone Local Court that his wife, Elizabeth Mutale had chased him from their bedroom and preferred to share it with her niece because Mutale did not want to continue having sex on a bed which her husband did not buy.
But Mambwe, 34, complained to Senior Court Magistrate Bertha Zulu that two months of not having sex with his wife was too much to bear that he decided to surprise her.  Little did he know that on the night in question, his wife was the one in bed with her niece.
When asked by the court why Mutale preferred sharing their bed with her niece instead of her husband, she said, “There is no way he can be making babies on my late husband’s bed. He should buy his own,” she said.
Mambwe of Kaunda Square Township was narrating in a case in which he was sued by Mutale, 33, of the same township for divorce. The court heard that the two got married in 2009 and has two children together. No bride price was paid.
However, Mutale complained that Mambwe was ‘extremely rough in bed and usually resorted to driving to a nearby bush to have sex with her in his car.
Mutale further told the court that she wants her marriage dissolved because Mambwe is also violent.
“I did not know that he is a savage. He was once even imprisoned because of his violent behavior. I agreed to have him released after his relatives pleaded with me,” she said.
Passing judgment, the court dismissed the claim for divorce because no bride price was paid.
“You (Mambwe) had no right to beat Mutale because you were not married to her. You were just cohabiting,” the court said.
The court however advised Mutale to sue for child support.


Zambia Daily Mail


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