Changala demands update on leaked classified document probe

Classified confidential information
Classified confidential information

The Zambia Police has been implored to hasten in cracking down on the people behind the recently leaked classified government document in order to send a message to would-be perpetrators of such crimes.
The Police had recently indicated that it is studying the matter in which a letter that Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda wrote to President Michael Sata to seek approval for the amendment of Rule 18 of the Value Added Tax, was leaked by unknown people to the media.

Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala says it is important that the Police send a message to would-be perpetrators of leaking classified government documents because such crimes amount to endangering the security of the nation.

Mr. Changala says he is particularly concerned that the Police had seemed to be reluctant in pursuing the matter as he thinks that the nature of such a crime should have prompted state security agencies into action the moment that the document was said to have been leaked.

He has told Qfm news that he personally finds it suspicious that the Police could show such alleged reluctance when the said classified document was also allegedly intended to destroy the integrity of the persona of Mr. Chikwanda.

The civil rights activist says it is for this reason that one would wonder where Zambia Police’s loyalty and commitment is as regards protecting the state and the people of Zambia.

He says in view of the fact that Zambia Police has not up to date been heard to question anyone over the leaked classified document it is another indication that the Police has not managed this matter properly.

Mr. Changala says at this end, he strongly holds the position that the Zambia Police should brief the people in the country on how far investigations into matter have reached.
( Saturday 06th September 2014 )