Lack of care forced my son to become gay, says dad


A MAN of Makeni in Lusaka has claimed before the local court that his son has resorted to homosexuality because of lack of care by his former wife who is currently staying with them.
John Mbasela, 40, who has sued his ex-wife Ezel Mbao, 36, of Mtendere Township demanding for the custody of the two children, said his 15-year-old son was involved in homosexuality due to the lack of parental care.

Facts before the court were that Mbasela and Mbao divorced in 2006 after marital disputes before the woman was given the custody of the children.
Mbasela told the court that his children had been staying with Mbao from the time they divorced although he had been supporting them.
He submitted that while he was comfortable with the children staying with their mother, he was hurt when he discovered that his 15-year-old boy was a homosexual.
Apparently Mbasela had been informed by the head teacher at a boarding school where his child was that he had been chased because he was involved in homosexuality.
He attributed the son’s behaviour to the fact that he grew up without a father to instill good morals in him.

Mbasela said since the two divorced his ex-wife had always refused him access to the children, hence he never spent time with his son.
“I want to start staying with my children so that I can be able to give them parental guidance. All the children are boys, hence they need for a father to teach them good ways of living,” he said.

However, Mbao told the court that the reason his husband wanted the children was because he never wanted to continue supporting them.
She said she was not willing to give the children to Mbasela because he was never home and no one would be taking care of the children.
Mbao refuted the allegation that he never allowed the children to spend time with their father, saying it was him who never had time for them.
“I can’t give him my children because this man is always busy and he goes home late. Again he drinks too much, I don’t want my children to become drunkards like him.
The matter has since been adjourned to September 15.


Times of Zambia