Long distances to FRA depots worry Ikelenge farmers

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Long distances to FRA depots worry Ikelenge farmers

Ikelenge   Sept 4/14,  ZANIS—–Farmers in Ikelengi district of North-western Province have complained about the few number of Food Reserve Agency (FRA) depots in the district.

Ikelengi District Agricultural Coordinator (DACO), Lewis Chiwele, told ZANIS in an interview that the district only has three FRA depots.

Mr Chiwele said some farmers have failed to deliver their maize to FRA depots because of the long distances they have to endure.

He told ZANIS that some farmers have to cover distances of over 50 km to reach a depot to sell their maize while transport costs are too high.

Mr Chiwele fears that if farmers are not provided with a market they will fail to buy farm inputs for the coming season.

The DACO informed ZANIS that the district has so far received 2900 bags of D compound fertilizer and 1200 bags of urea.

Mr Chiwele said   the most affected farmers are from Salujinga, Mwininyilamba, Kafweku, Malisengi and lwakela.

About 8000 bags of maize have failed to reach the depots in the district.