Collapsed Mwami Bridge shocks Scott

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Vice President, Guy Scott, has expressed shock that the Mwami river bridge in Vubwi district which collapsed in 2006 has not being repaired.


The 50 foot long bridge, which connects Vubwi to Chadiza districts, collapsed eight years ago after a heavy downfall.


Dr Scott expressed surprise that the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has not informed him about the situation.


Dr Scott inspected the bridge today in company of Foreign Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba, Eastern province Minister, Maloza Sichone and Works and Supplies Deputy Minister, Panji Kaunda. 


The Vice President also wondered why Foreign Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba, never told him about the state of the bridge when Mr Kalaba served as deputy Minister in the office of the Vice President.


Mr Kalaba, however, said he never received any report and blamed former area Member of Parliament, Eustarckio Kazonga, for neglecting the people of Vubwi by not reporting the damaged bridge.


And Works and Supply Deputy Minister, Panji Kaunda, blamed the collapse of the bridge on poor workmanship.


Dr Scott has since directed Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone, to ensure that the DMMU repairs the bridge.


And Vincent Zulu, a resident from the area, said people experience difficulties in crossing once the river is full as it becomes impassable.


Mr Zulu said many people have lost their lives and vehicles are unable to cross from Vubwi or Chadiza until the river subsides.