— JCTR carries out agriculture field day in Kazungula District

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JCTR carries out agriculture field day in Kazungula District


Kazungula, August 31st, 2014,  ZANIS—-The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) yesterday carried out a sustainable agriculture field day in Libala zone in Katapazi ward in Kazungula district.



This was aimed at finding out how farmers in the area were utilizing skills  in sustainable organic agriculture system introduced.



Addressing the farmers in the district yesterday, Outreach Regional JCTR Officer for Livingstone district George Makaha noted that sustainable organic agriculture is one way of preventing degradation of the soil and the environment as a whole.



Mr. Makaha said by so doing, the methods would give room for future generations to use the same resources that are currently being used today.



He charged that JCTR has since 2007 been carrying out a quarterly house survey called the rural basket that measures food security, social services delivery and means of livelihoods in the communities.



Mr. Makaha said the research has been carried out in seven districts of Zambia namely Mambwe, Mufumbwe, Kazungula, Chongwe, Rufunsa and Shangombo districts , respectively.



He explained that improving the way agriculture is being done in rural areas has many benefits such as improving the form of income for many families as well as reducing the activities that that degrade the environment such as charcoal burning.



Mr. Makaha added the method can also reduce other illegal activities and address the national wide issue of rising food costs and fostering food security.



He expressed hope that the field day was a good learning experience for the rest of the farmers and the rural leadership because the practices and the benefits of sustainable agriculture systems were showcased as ways of improving their household food security.



And representing Kazungula District Commissioner Pascalina Musokotwane says she is  happy to note that famers in the area were implementing what they had learnt in organic conservation farming.



Ms. Musokotwane, in a speech read for her by  Community Development Mother and Child Health Officer Tom Mungala, said that government was ready to assist farmers in whatever challenges they undergo in their income generating activities.



And Chief Chikanta of Choma district advised the farmers to switch on to organic fertilizer because it is cheaper and very original adding that it also keeps the soil intact and fertile.



The Chief advised farmers to adopt the new method of farming which he said was easy to understand how it is made and its use.