— Katete PF Chairperson Makakula welcomes Kabimba’s dismissal

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—–Patriotic Front Katete District party Chairperson Joseph Duma Makukula says Wynter Kabimba’s stay as Party Secretary General destroyed the party in Eastern Province.


Mr. Makukula says the dismissal of Mr. Kabimba by President Michael Sata was long overdue.


ZANIS  reports that the District PF chairperson said in an interview in Katete today that Mr. Kabimba was fast rate in destroying the party than building it.


He added that Mr. Kabimba worked tirelessly in building his empire within the rank and file of the ruling party.


He observed that the former Justice minister and PF Secretary General had become ‘ a small god ’  in the party adding that most people serving on appointing oppositions such as District Commissioners and District political secretaries were afraid of executing their duties diligently because of the pressure and intimidation that he ( Mr. Kabimba ) posed on them.


Mr. Makukula recounted the confusion that recently rocked the ruling party in Eastern province as one clear example of the decisive motivates that Mr. Kabimba planted in the province.  


He said since Mr. Kabimba assumed the position of Secretary General and appointed as Justice Minister the party in the province lost its popularity as the opposition lost interest in the party they wished they could belong to.

The chairperson further narrated the personal interest that Mr. Kabimba exhibited in the party when he accommodated strangers in the party and tried to push away people that founded the party.


Mr. Makukula further alleged that all the districts in the province where bitter with the secretary general when he took a stance of dissolving the leadership in the party and brought in factions that promoted his personal agenda of sending the party in extinction.


He charged that Mr. Kabimba was more useful in the opposition and did not deserve to serve the party further.


He said the party in the province will now embark on mobilization and take further steps reaching people in the remote parts of the districts to explain what government is doing for the betterment of their wellbeing.


The district Chairperson has since thanked President Sata for appointing Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu for his appointment as the new PF Secretary General and Justice Minister in place of Mr. Kabimba.


He said the party in the district has hope that Mr. Lungu will strengthen the party that Mr. Kabimba tried hard to destroy.


He added that the decision by the president has clearly shown then President Sata does not have any sacred cows in the party.