Juvenile cells needed in Kawambwa

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Juvenile cells needed in Kawambwa

Kawambwa, Aug 28/14, ZANIS——A Social Welfare officer in Kawambwa district has observed that there is need to set up juvenile detention cells at the police station in the district. 

Kawambwa District Social Welfare Assistant, Zakeyo Luhanga, has complained that the department is finding it difficult to investigate matters where juveniles come in conflict with the law because they are mixed with adults while in detention.

Mr Luhanga, who is the Juvenile Officer at the Social Welfare Department, made the complaint during a Kawambwa District Welfare Assistant Committee (DWAC) meeting held recently.

He said there have been several cases where after recording a statement from a juvenile, who is conflict with the law, the next visit results in a complete change of statement from the initial one.

Mr Luhanga attributed the trend of changing statements by juveniles to bad advice and influence by adults with whom they are locked up at the Police Station.

And responding the Juvenile Officer, Kawambwa District Council Planner, George Biemba, revealed that some funds had been set aside in the 2012 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for the construction of juvenile cells.


Mr Biemba explained that the funds could not, however, be utilised because of failure by individuals tasked to come up a plan for the cells.

But when asked by ZANIS to clarify how much was allocated for the facility and if the funds are still available, Mr Biemba stated he needed to get confirmation from his superiors at the local authority.

During the same meeting Mr Biemba was unanimously elected as District Welfare Assistance Committee (DWAC) Chairperson.


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