‘She has starved me sexually’

Criminal court
Criminal court

AFTER his love-making sessions with his wife of four years continued to dwindle, a 35-year-old-man decided to move out of his matrimonial home, opting to marry another woman.
Emmanuel Kazembe complained in the Chawama local court that he would usually go for two months without making love to his wife, Harriet Likando, 34, and she was unbothered about sexually starving him.
Kazembe told senior court magistrates Gaston Kalala and Mubukwanu Matakala that he had complain to Likando’s relatives about his marital unhappiness because of Likando’s behaviour but they did not seem concerned.
Kazembe of Mandevu Township said this in a case where his wife Likando of Jack Township sued for divorce.
He told the court that they got married in 2010 and that bride price was paid. He said the two had no children together but they both had children from their previous relationships.
Kazembe said the other major problem in their marriage was that Likando would usually delegate her 13 year old daughter to prepare his meals each time he got home from work.
“Her daughter can’t even cook that well but surprisingly that is the person she would ask to prepare my meals. And when I would complain, she would leave in the middle of an argument and go to her mother’s place,” he said.
Kazembe said when none of his complaints about his wife were addressed by her family, he decided to move out. He told the court he was ready for the marriage to dissolve officially because he had re-married after leaving Likando.
Likando however denied Kazembe’s claims that she would intentionally deny him his conjugal rights for as long as two months.
“What sort of wife would deny her husband his conjugal rights? And if that were the case, I am sure he would have informed my relatives about it but he never did. The only thing he told them after he was called for a meeting was that he had moved out because he used to suffer from a heart ache each time we were together,” she said.
Likando said Kazembe also informed them that he had married the woman he was living with but that he was ready to keep her (Likando) as his wife and would continue supporting and providing for her.
“But that was not the case. He completely abandoned me. I had to beg him to pay my rentals or buy food. So I sued him for marriage reconciliation but that did not work because he denied me. We are better off divorced,” she said.
The court, in passing judgment, granted divorce and ordered Kazembe to pay Likando K4, 000 as compensation in monthly installments of K400. The couple was also ordered to share property equally.

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