Masunga villagers cry for clinic

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—-Villagers in Masunga area in Muchinda Chiefdom in Serenje district of Central province have bemoaned lack of a health centre in the area, forcing them to access medical services from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Masunga is about 90Km from Serenje town. The nearest health facility is Kabundi Rural Health Centre which is about 35 Kilometers away from Masunga.


The villagers in the area have complained of the long distance they cover to access medical services at the centre.


One of the villagers, Mwape Ngosa, said the long distance to Kabundi Health Centre has resulted in some seriously sick people dying on the way to the health centre while some pregnant women give birth on the way.


“Some people are dying on the way to the health centre and some pregnant women give birth on their way to Kabundi. In fact there are some people who shun seeking medical attention due to the long distance to the health facility,” Mr Ngosa explained.  


Mr Ngosa said the situation has forced mmany people in the area to resort to seeking medical attention from a health facility in Congo DRC which is less than 25km away.


Another villager, Susan Kunda, appealed government to build the people of Masunga a health facility.


And Serenje District Commissioner, Charles Mwelwa, said Masunga is not among the areas to benefit from the 650 health centres being built by government across the country.


Mr Mwelwa said his office will help the people in the area to organise themselves and apply for Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for construction of a health facility.