Msoni gives Sata ultimatum to state his governing ability

All People's Congress (APC) President Nason Msoni
All People's Congress (APC) President Nason Msoni
Opposition All People’s Congress party President Nason Msoni has given President Michael Sata a 26 days ultimatum to state his position as regard his ability to govern the country.

Mr. Msoni says his party expects the President to make his position known to the nation between now and 15th September.

He says this is in view of the fact that President Sata does not allegedly appear to be working and therefore making his position known to the people in this manner will come conveniently at the time when he will be clocking 3-years in office on 11th September.

Mr. Msoni says if President is however not capable of governing the country, he should on 15th September, outline a timetable to the nation of how he is to vacate the presidency to allow another person to take over to lead the nation during the transition period.

And when contacted for a comment, Chief Government Spokesperson and Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr. Joseph Katema has told Qfm news in a separate interview that government does not get ultimatums from opposition leaders.

( Friday 22nd August 2014 )