-Entreprising youths cry foul in accessing YEFs

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Entreprising youths cry foul in accessing YEFs



Livingstone, August 19, 2014 ZANIS——A group of young entrepreneurs in Livingstone has appealed to government to reduce the red tape in accessing the youth empowerment funds.


The entrepreneurs say this trend should be curbed as it is detrimental to the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).



Joseph Tembo, a representative of the entrepreneurs at Livingstone’s 217 trading area, said that most enterprising youths were being hindered from accessing empowerment funds through government due to red tape.


Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, in Livingstone today Mr. Tembo said he was among entrepreneurs that faced challenges in expanding the furniture business due to lack of financial support especially from government.


“So many people from the government have come to this workshop saying they would help us, and even write our names but it ends there because they never show up again,” he said.



Mr. Tembo said upcoming entrepreneurs felt neglected and government seemed to offer more support to bigger companies, despite the potential shown by SMEs to contribute positively to the country’s development.



He explained that he and his colleagues got clients from neighbouring countries such as Namibia and Botswana but could supply all items ordered due to limited finances.



“If government can promptly address our plight, our businesses can grow in the same manner these reputable international furniture shops have grown over the years, “he said.



Mr. Tembo has since appealed government through Livingstone Central Member of Parliament Lawrence Evans to come to their aid and also explain the right procedures to follow in order to access the Youth Empowerment Fund.



He also urged his fellow entrepreneurs not to give up but keep fighting as entrepreneurship was better than loitering in the streets and waiting for handouts.