— Dog vaccination kicks off in Lundazi District

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Dog vaccination kicks off in Lundazi District

Lundazi, August 19th, 2014, ZANIS —–  The Department of Veterinary Services in Lundazi District has embarked on destruction of stray dogs, suspected to be infected with rabies in Lundazi Township.

ZANIS in Lundazi reports that this is according to Public Notice, dated 11th August 2014, signed by Mukonde Noblle on behalf of Lundazi District Veterinary Officer [DVO] Dr Kelvin Kamphamba obtained in the area, over the weekend.

Dr  Kamphamba disclosed that dog owners should have their dogs vaccinated against rabies by the Department of Veterinary, he added that the community are suppose to secure their vaccinated dogs within their yard from 05.00hrs to 22.00 hrs daily.

He  said shooting of stray dogs exercise commenced on 15th August 2014.this is after the expiring of five days of grace period given to dogs owners.

Cases of dog bite has since gone up in the district, according to statistic data obtained from the Lundazi District Hospital recently have showed that cases of dog bite, infected with suspected  rabies has since gone up.

Meanwhile ,Lundazi community have welcomed the move by the Department of Veterinary Services of stray dog destruction, however have appealed to Veterinary Department to extend the exercise to  peri-Urbani areas, said it will greatly help reduce dog bites and rabies.    .