Husband asks for divorce, accuses wife of searching his cell-phones

Criminal court
Criminal court

A MAN of Lusaka’s Manda Hill area has asked the Boma Court to grant him divorce after accusing his wife of searching his cell-phones.
Richard Muzeshe said his wife Lyness Chisanga was so obsessed with jealous that she suspected him of having girlfriends.
This was in a case where Muzeshe, 36, sued Chisanga,29, for divorce after being on separation for seven months.
Muzeshe told the court that although they had been married for seven years, his wife did not trust him and always searched his phones and called any number she suspected was for his girlfriend to insult them.
He said his wife did not have respect for him to the extent that she had been telling the children that he liked sex workers.
Muzeshe told the court that she also told him that he was impotent and it was her who gave him the medicine to enable him have children.
“She is too jealous and has no respect for me, she says I am impotent and that if she did not give me medicine, I wouldn’t have had children yet, I already had a child when I married her. She even told my children that I like prostitutes,” Muzeshe said.
However, Chisanga told the court that her husband was always found with a female workmate she suspected was his girlfriend.
Chisanga told the court that her husband was insulted her in the presence of the children while he moved out of the bedroom and sleeps in the living  room.
She told the court that she left the matrimonial home so that she could be near people as she was usually left alone at home but that the husband did not follow her.
Magistrate Mundia Banda granted divorce and ordered Muzeshe to compensate Chisenga with K5,000.


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  1. This should not be the reason why he is doing that, i think there is something behind not what he has say to the court.

  2. what is he scared off? he knows hez guilty n will b caught soon.privacy z important yes bt to an extent of wanting to divorce? i smell a rat!