Chief Sinazongwe’s absence worries subjects

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NANGOMA Ward Councilor in Sinazongwe district Robinson Sialukowe has expressed concern over the absence of Chief Sinazongwe in his chiefdom following his ill health.

Councilor Sialukowe says the absence of the Chief has affected the governing of the chiefdom and implementation of some developmental programs.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Sinazongwe yesterday, Councilor Sialukowe who is also a member of the royal establishment from the senior clan called Sinantadabale said the chief left the palace last year to settle at his farm in Kalomo district following his ill health.

He said the royal establishment  agreed with current chief Sinazongwe to hold a meeting where a care taker could have been chosen but the ailing chief declined by not showing up.

Councilor Sialukowe said it was later discovered that the Chief had intentions of imposing someone else to be representing him from his clan who had no direct connection to the royal family.

Mr.Sialukowe has since called on the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to intervene by helping the royal family in Sinazongwe chiefdom choose a care taker who would represent the chief for purposes of good governance and delivery of developmental programs in the area.

He said the step that current chief Sinazongwe wanted to take was not the right one and was likely to bring confusions and wrangles among members of the royal family and ultimately other members of the chiefdom.

Mr.Sialukowe explained that there were two clans under their chiefdom which included Sinantadabale and Maliko clans and according to their ancestors, the first chief from Sinantadabale agreed for the chieftainship to be shifting from one clan to the other over a period of time.

He further explained when the chieftainship went to Maliko clan it never returned to Sinantadabale clan probably due to selfish motives.

Mr.Sialukowe however emphasized that there was need to ensure that correct procedures for selection of a care taker for Sinazongwe chiefdom is followed and it did not matter whether the care taker is chosen from either clans.

He said it was good that after discussions with chief Sinazongwe at his farm in Kalomo district he was willing to come up with his representative to handle important matters and development programs in the chiefdom.