Chipili ward hands over health post land

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The community in Chipili Ward of Kaputa district has handed over  land to government for the construction of a health post.

The health post  earmarked for construction is part of the four that have been allocated to Kaputa district from the 650 government will construct throughout the country under a loan facility from India.

And Kaputa District Administrative Officer Alick Kampamba who witnessed the handover of the land by the community emphasized government’s commitment to improving the health of the people through construction of health centers.

Mr. Kampamba explained that the construction of a health post will not only solve the problem people face in accessing medical care but also reduce the distance people cover to go to health centers.

He noted that government has also sent a medical officer to Kaputa to help the only doctor who was in the district attending to both administrative and medical issues.

He further advised the community that cultivated crops on the peace of land where the health post will be constructed to clear it in readiness for the construction works to start.

The land in question involves eight villages in Chipili ward and was handed over to the government  yesterday.

And newly appointed Kaputa Medical Officer Chikwefu Ng’ambi has thanked the community in the eight villages for agreeing to give land to the government for the construction of a health post.

Dr Ng’ambi said the land in question is big enough and can be utilized for various developmental projects in the health sector in the near future.

Dr. Ng’ambi further encouraged the community to protect the infrastructure that will be built stating that it was to their benefit and not for the government.

And Kaputa District Council Physical Planner  Ronald Mushinka commended government for the planned construction of the health post in the area.

Mr. Mushinka has since urged the headmen from the surrounding villages to safeguard the land from encroachment and other unauthorized users.