Swine fever claims 119 pigs in Chavuma

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Swine fever claims 119 pigs in Chavuma

Chavuma, Aug 5, 2014, ZANIS…….The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has banned the sale of pork products in Chavuma District of Northwestern province.

This follows an outbreak of African swine Fever that has already claimed 119 pigs in Kalombo area.

Chavuma District Commissioner Lawrence Kayumba who confirmed the developed to ZANIS in an interview today said samples taken from the affected pigs have tested positive to African Swine fever.

Mr. Kayumba said the ministry has further banned the transportation of pigs to and from Chavuma district as a measure of containing the outbreak.

He urged farmers in the district rearing pigs not to slaughter any  whether they are infected or not adding that officers from the veterinary department and state police will carry out 24 hours inspections to ensure the ban is adhered to.

The District Commissioner further disclosed that after Veterinary officers conclude their assessments all pigs in the district will be slaughtered and affected farmers will be compensated.

He emphasized that those keeping pigs in townships even after eliminating their animals will not be compensated as it is illegal to do so.

Mr. Kayumba reiterated that people in the district should take the warning seriously and avoid consuming  any pork  products.