Medical advice to abstain angers police officer


A 30-YEAR-OLD police officer, who was told by the doctor not to have sex with his wife due to the medical treatment he was undergoing, turned the heat on his spouse and ordered her to pay K80 rent because she was allegedly con-tributing nothing to their marriage.
Catherine Katambi, 23, of Kitwe sued John Mwila of Zingalume Township for divorce after the latter refused to reconcile with her following a marital dispute.

“I have brought my husband to court seeking divorce because he says he no longer wants me as his wife,” Katambi said.
She told the court that she got married to Mwila in 2007 and they have two children together.
“After his refusal to reconcile with me I left our matrimonial home with the children. He has never made an effort to visit his children or to reconcile with me and from the time we left him, he has only managed to send K175 to sup-port his children and this was three months ago,”she said.
Katambi told the court that Mwila is the type of man who enjoys frequenting bars and drinking alcohol.
And Mwila told Senior Court Magistrates Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kaly-elye that he did not object to the divorce because he did not want Katambi anymore.
He said Katambi took all the household goods and the children after she denied him as her husband.
Mwila accused Katambi of taking his salary to her family and only returning after the money is finished every month.
He told the court that Katambi has been having an extra-affair with a welder for some time now.
In passing judgment, the court granted the couple divorce and ordered Mwila to pay Katambi K4, 000 as compensation and also ordered him to pay K400 as child maintenance monthly.
The couple was also ordered to share household goods equally.

Zambia Daily Mail