Grand Coalition, YALI part ways

MacDonald Chipenzi
MacDonald Chipenzi
The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a new People Driven Constitution has with immediate expelled the Young African Leaders’ Initiative (YALI) over its proposed controversial 10-point Master Plan on the constitution making process.

Grand Coalition Spokesperson MacDonald Chipenzi has told QFM News in a statement that the decision to go separate ways with YALI was made during a consultative meeting with the YALI leadership.

Mr Chipenzi says YALI’s proposed 10-Point Master Plan on the constitution making process goes contrary to the position of the Grand Coalition and its constituents.

He says it was mutually agreed during the meeting that YALI pursues its position without the involvement of the Grand Coalition and vice-versa.

Mr Chipenzi states that after intense consultations within the Grand Coalition coupled with the insistence by YALI to pursue its 10-Point Master Plan even after the consultative meeting to draw a meeting point and chart the way forward, it has become apparent that the two positions are irreconcilable and the Coalition finds its links with YALI an unattainable.

He adds that it has become difficult for the Grand Coalition to maintain YALI in its ranks.

Mr Chipenzi says the Grand Coalition has wished YALI the best of luck in its pursuant of the 10-Point Master Plan proposal on the constitution making process.

The proposal by YALI calls for the holding of the referendum on the new constitution alongside the 2016 general elections, contrary to the demands of many stakeholders for the constitution to be adopted before the 2016 polls.