Some leaders in PF wishing Sata bad health – Fr Luonde

His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata
His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata

Fr Richard Luonde says some PF leaders are conniving with opposition political parties to discredit President Michael Sata.
The Kitwe-based Anglican priest said some evil people within PF wished the Head of State bad health for their selfish reasons.
Fr Luonde said it was some PF insiders that didn’t believe in President Sata and the PF that were feeding the opposing with wrong information on the Presidents’ health.
“You could see their behaviour in Parliament. They were excited but God will shame them, he’s the one who determines a person’s life. PF should flush out people that are leaking information to the opposition,” he said.
Fr Luonde said there were chancers in PF who had nothing to lose if the party lost elections.
“These are people who are known and let the leadership take action. No one is indispensable. Let them join their friends in other parties where gossip is rife. They don’t believe in the President, the party and it values as enshrined in the party manifesto. If they did, they would be the ones defending the President but they don’t care. They want a leader that would allow them to plunder and squander public resources. Their interest is their pockets not Zambians. That’s why they are conniving with the opposition against their leader,” said Fr Luonde.
On Monday, Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Roland Msiska disclosed that President Sata was well and working.
Dr Msiska said contrary to media reports that President Sata was not in office, the Head of State was fine and working.
“The President is well and working. I think our people surely should be told the truth,” Dr Msiska said.”

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