Munyele school infrastructure worrying

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—Munyele Primary School deputy head teacher in Nsama district, Victor Banda, has expressed deep concern over the deplorable state of the learning institution.

Mr Banda said the school, which was constructed in the 1940, was almost collapsing and posed a great danger to the learners.

He said the infrastructure is too old and hanging on the pot flames which are also on the verge of collapse.

ZANIS reports that Mr Banda was speaking when Nsama District Education Standards Officer, Juanita Mulenga, inspected the institution.

Mr Banda appealed to government to maintain the learning institution so that pupils can be learning in a good environment.

He said this will motivate teachers to teach as they are also scared of conducting lessons in dilapidated infrastructure.

And in response, District Education Standards Officer, Juanita Mulenga, also expressed sadness at the poor infrastructure that the children are using at Munyele Primary School.

Ms Mulenga assured school authorities that she will take the matter to relevant authorities so that something can be done to change the face of the school.