PF cadres protest over non-adoption of Chiseke

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A multitude of PF members from Shikombwe ward in Mangango Constituency today stormed the office of Kaoma District Commissioner demanding to be told why Taundi Chiseke, the former Member of Parliament, has not been adopted to re-contest his former position.


The group of about 200 discontented cadres led by Albert Mubanga and Mirriam Kashwashwa said the decision by the PF leadership to field Rogers Lingweshi as PF candidate for the Mangango Constituency by-election will cause the party to lose the August 19 polls.


The PF members contended that the constituents were not consulted and were displeased with their national chairperson, Inonge Wina, and the chairperson for elections, Sylvia Masebo, whom they accused of not respecting the people’s wishes.


And Kaoma District Commissioner, Joster Manjolo, told the irate PF cadres to exercise restraint as their preferred candidate had some legal impediments which hindered his candidature and urged them to unite so that the PF could emerge victorious after the by-election.


Mr Manjolo said the PF is on course to deliver development to all the people in Mangango Constituency in accordance with the party manifesto that led the political party to assume power in 2011.


Meanwhile, UPND’s Kenny Ndumba warned that if the Electoral Commission of Zambia halts the on-going campaigns in the constituency, the UPND will have no alternative but to seek an injunction to restrain the continuation of the by-election.


Mr Ndumba said the UPND is geared to win the Mangango by-election because its candidate, Godwin Putu, is popular in the area, adding that the PF should seek to test the popularity of the party in the constituency.


He boasted that when he was a campaign manager for the two former MPs, Akakandelwa Mwendoi and Taundi Chiseke, he worked hard and that saw the duo win the elections, saying he was confident that even in this year’s by-election the UPND candidate, whom he is backing, will yield positive results.