Construction of Chadiza-Chipata road halts

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—Construction of the 76 km Chadiza-Chipata road under the link Zambia 8000 Kilometre Project has stopped after the Chadiza magistrate court ordered the contractor, China State Engineering Company, to stop getting gravel from a borrow pit on the same road.

Chadiza subordinate court magistrate, Fabian Likulunga, yesterday ordered China State Engineering Company, the company that government has contracted to upgrade the 76 km Chadiza-Chipata road into bituminous standard to stop getting gravel from a borrow pit after a villager sued the company for trespassing on his land.

John Banda of Kamseche village sued the Chinese firm, claiming K150, 000 as compensation for damages to his land where the company is quarrying the gravel.

And an excavator operator at China State Engineering Company has been arrested after he was founding excavating gravel from the same borrow pit.

Last Thursday, the court went on a site visit where it ordered the construction company to stop excavating gravel until the matter was exhausted by the court but some workers defied the
court order and continued working before the magistrate ordered for their arrest.

Magistrate Likulunga ordered for the arrest of the operator of the excavator that was found working in the borrow pit and confiscated keys for the two trucks that were found loading gravel at the site.

The machine operator and his general manager at China State Engineering Company are both expected to appear in court for contempt before the continuation of the trial that has been set for July15, 2014.