ZAWA kills stubborn hyena in Chipata

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—-Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officers have killed the hyena which was reported to have been terrorising villagers in Paramount chief Mpezeni’s area in Chipata district of Eastern Province.

Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu, said the hyena, which was killed last Friday, was one of the beasts that were terrorising villagers and
attacking livestock in villages that border with Malawi.

Mr Zulu said in an interview that villagers in the area have
been complaining about hyenas for over a month and commended the
ZAWA officers for the action they took to safeguard lives in the area.

The District Commissioner suspected that the hyenas had strayed into Chipata from neigbouring Malawi saying there is need for ZAWA to keep
monitoring the area to secure lives.

He also noted that the hyena also destroyed crop fields in the area.