Man seeks divorce over sex

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A HUSBAND who was desperately in need of his wife’s affection has sued for divorce because she does not initiate sex.
And a witness in the case told the Matero Local Court that Elvis Kaluba has also complained before the police that he does not enjoy sex in his marriage because his wife, Esther Kaluba always gives excuses.

In a case where Kaluba 29 of Chipata Township dragged Esther 25 of Zani Muone to court for divorce, he told Justices Lewis Mumba and Prenella Kalyelye that there has never been peace in their home since they got married in 2008.
Kaluba, a father of two complained that Esther is stubborn and does not give him the respect he deserves.
He said Esther is fond of packing her belongings to leave their home each time they quarrel.
“What hurts me the most is that her relatives even come to my home to take her away from me. My sister-in-law has been to my home in my absence to pack my wife’s belongings just to take her back to their family,” he lamented.
And in her statement, Esther said she is not in favour of divorce because when they just got married, they had nothing and worked hard to build their home.
She also said if they divorce, their children would suffer.
And during cross examination, Justice Mumba questioned Esther’s witness to give her opinion on the marriage.
The woman first said she has never been to the Kaluba home to take away her sister Esther from her home.
She said she went there is that someone rang her to tell her that the Kaluba children were outside their home in the cold.
The woman said being night time, she hired a taxi and went to their home and found the couple fighting.
“I did not interfere but took the children with me just to keep them warm. I think my brother-in-law has deep-seated issues because once when we went to the police over their problems, he said he doesn’t have enough of sex because his wife always gives excuses. He said she never initiates sex,” she said.
And when she was further asked what her family has done to address the complaint about sexual starvation, she said ‘Esther has gone through traditional counselling and she even danced bedroom styles very well’.
Upon hearing that, some of the gallery burst out laughing while others hang their heads in embarrassment as they shuffled their feet.
The court granted divorce and ordered Kaluba to compensate Esther with a fee of K6,000 and to also share their household goods.

Zambia Daily Mail