Kasempa receives mosquito nets

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——-Government has procured 7, 000 Insecticide Treated mosquito Nets (ITNs) for Kasempa district meant to reduce the high cases of malaria in the district.


Kasempa District Medical Officer, Edgar Mutimushi, received the nets from government, adding that the district is expected to receive a total of 47, 900 before August this year.


Dr Mutimushi appealed to the beneficiaries of the ITNs to use them for their intended purpose in order to reduce the increasing number of malaria cases in the district.



Dr Mutimushi observed that his office is disappointed that some people are fond of using ITNs for fishing, shelling maize and making wedding dresses, a situation which he has attributed to an increase in malaria cases in the district.


Kasempa district has recorded an increase of over 10 000 cases of malaria from January 2013 to January this year.


The distribution of ITNs is being done in collaboration with World Food Program (WFP) and the Churches Association of Zambia (CHAZ).