Justice Sector Reforms Commission launched

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—–The Legal and Justice Sector Reforms Commission set up by President Michael Sata in January this year has been launched.

This means the 20-member Commission will now begin collecting submissions from members of the public on how to transform the legal and justice system in Zambia.

Legal and Justice Sector Reforms Commission Chairperson, Justice Frederick Chomba, said the move to review the state of the legal and justice sector is necessary as it will facilitate the transformation and modernisation of the sector so that it can better serve the current and future needs of the country.

Justice Chomba said the Commission is also a response to complaints made concerning excessive delays in delivering judgments, procedural uncertainty in processing on-going court cases, corruption and the general operation of the justice system.

He has appealed to members of the public to support the review process by actively participating through submissions in order to make the process representative and transparent.

Justice Chomba said his Commission’s hope is that its recommendations will help change the way things are presently done and ultimately create a society in which Zambians will enjoy their human rights to the fullest.