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Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A POPULAR Lusaka musician is facing arrest for his part in a pornographic video that has gone viral on the internet, Zambia police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has disclosed.
Mr Hamoonga said in an interview that the police are looking for the musician and the lady in the video only identified as Ruth and that both will be charged with distribution and production of pornographic material.
The musician is also a diploma holder in Marketing and a former Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) student.
Mr Hamoonga has since warned members of the public against circulating such pornographic materials that have the capacity to corrupt the morals of society as doing so was committing the same offence that the couple in the video had committed.
“We would like to warn other people that are in the habit of making, posting and distributing such nude pictures or video that under the Zambian law, acts of this nature amounts to committing a crime upon which a person is found guilty may be sent to prison,” he said.
Producing pornographic material is against the laws of Zambia and carries a stiff penalty of not less than 10 years in jail.
Recently, another explicit video made rounds on the internet in which a young woman was stripped naked and humiliated before the cameras as punishment for allegedly having sexual relations with a married man.
The police offered a reward of K5,000 to any person with information leading to the arrest of the persons who indecently assaulted a woman in the video.
In the video, the assailants paraded a naked woman who they publicly harassed on allegation that she had committed adultery with a man.
They shot a video of the whole scenario which they posted and is currently circulating on the internet.

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  1. this is ubsurd, uncalled for and agreat challenge to our culture, technology and democracy have an explanation. God forbid