2)–Govt appoints Mweemba chiefdom care takers

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-The  Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs has appointed two care takers to oversee developmental matters in Mweemba chiefdom of Sinazongwe district.

The decision has been made because the chiefdom has been ravaged by  succession disputes for many years after the death of Chief Mweemba.

Sinazongwe District Commissioner Dodo Sindaza told ZANIS in an interview yesterday that the two care takers will be expected to oversee developmental matters in the chiefdom until such a time when the courts of law dispose of the matter and identify the rightful heir to the throne.

Mr.Sindaza said this was resolved by 80 headmen from various villages in the entire chiefdom during a meeting conducted by the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to discuss the way forward for implementation of developmental programs in the area.

He disclosed that Gilbert Nkamu and Victory Mwiinde were appointed after a resolution by the headmen and were further expected to jointly become signatories to developmental documents that would require endorsement by the Chief.

Mr.Sindaza said the care takers were expected to remain impartial and nonpartisan for purposes of transparency and accountability.

He said the District Administration was happy with the development as it will help bring the long awaited development to Mweemba chiefdom which had been delayed by succession wrangles for many years.

Mr.Sindaza said his office had keen interest in development and not succession wrangles adding that the matter was still before the courts of law.

He said traditional leaders played a key role in any development and the District administration will bring the care takers on board by consulting with them from time to time over developmental programs that would be taking place in Mweemba chiefdom.

The District Commissioner also urged the people of Mweemba chiefdom to work closely with the appointed care takers in ensuring that the chiefdom benefits from national development.